Channing Tatum Started Out As A Stripper And Now He's A Leading Hollywood Man

Date February 28, 2018

Channing Tatum is quite the charmer. His chiseled face and muscles get the ladies swooning. The fact that he used to be a stripper before his acting career kicked off has simply intensified the adoration.

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Channing Has Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

The Hollywood hunk has been open about his stripping past for some years now. In 2009, a video emerged of a much younger Channing dancing on a stage in a strip club.

If his PR team feared that, it would affect his chances of having a serious acting career. Channing's response turned a bad situation into a great opportunity.

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He made it clear in a profile on GQ that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

"Magic Mike"

One of his most significant roles to date is loosely based on his experience as a stripper. The film, Magic Mike, tells the story of an older stripper, Mike Lane (played by Channing Tatum), who mentors a young inexperienced stripper.

It was a box office hit, earning Channing critical acclaim.

How He Told Jenna

If you are wondering how the father of one broached the subject of his past with members of his family, he has said that he was very upfront about it.

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After Channing met his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum on the set of the dance movie Step Up, he told her about his past on their first date. Jenna did not seem to mind much.

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There is every indication that mutual honesty is one of the bedrocks of their relationship, if their public personas are anything to go by.

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