"I Dress For My Man!" Kim Kardashian Does Not Mind That Kanye Decides What She Wears

Date March 7, 2018

Kim Kardashian is very open about the fact that she lets her husband, Kanye West, dictate what she wears. As concerning as this is, it's the least controversial thing about the reality TV star and businesswoman.

New man, new Kim?

Kim's previous marriages and relationships were characterized by her willingness to reinvent herself to suit the needs of each new man she was with.

The infamous adult film that continues to cast a shadow on her success was made while she dated Ray Norwood Jr. She has also disclosed that her first husband, Damon Thomas, made her do a liposuction procedure.

Kanye got rid of all Kim's 'uncool' clothes

When Kim and Kanye got together, one of the first things he did was throw out all her old clothes. This is true. The incident was aired on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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It was, in fact, Kanye's debut on the show.

On an episode of the then Live! With Kelly And Michael in 2015, the mom of 3 revealed that she bawled her eyes out when she realized that Kanye was serious about throwing out all the clothes he considered uncool.

In exchange, the award-winning rapper hired a stylist and got her a closet full of clothes the reality TV star described as "really cool designer stuff."


True to form, though, Kim recouped some of the money spent on the clothes.


She sold the pre-Kanye clothes on eBay.

"I dress for my man!"

Does Kim mind that she only gets to wear the somber, architectural ensembles that appeal to or complement Kanye? Apparently no!

If she gets the urge to indulge in her own choice of clothing, however uncool it might be, we might never find out. She told US Weekly in 2013 that she dresses for her man more than herself. Go figure!

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