Prince Philip: Why The Queen's Husband Is Not Called 'King Consort'

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Prince Philip

It is easy to assume, for instance, that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II would get the title of King or at the very least, King Consort. Because it makes sense. And because Her Majesty's mother, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, was called the Queen Mother and Queen Consort in her time. But, this is not the case.


Prince Philip only gets the title of Prince Consort. Weird right?

Originally from the Prince of Greece and Denmark, he served in the British Royal Navy until King George IV became really ill.


Just before the then Princess Elizabeth was made Queen, he left his career in the navy to be by her side.

He gave up his royal title

Prince Philip had already risen to the rank of commander and in an interview with ITV in 2011 said:

I don't know how difficult it was, it was naturally disappointing.

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As commander, he was just about to begin the exciting part of his career. But, this is not all he gave up. To be married to Her Majesty, he had to renounce his Greek and Danish titles.

He also had to give up Greek Orthodoxy to become Anglican. All this to win British favour and show his allegiance to his wife.

So, why is he still not King?

Naturally, the sacrifice he has made should be deserving of the highest honor the land can bestow on a person, right? Wrong!


The husband of a reigning Queen, according to British tradition, only gets the Prince title. And so, 10 years after their marriage, in 1957, Her Majesty restored his title of Prince.

On his 90th birthday, she named him the head of the Royal Navy. She gave him the title and office of Lord High Admiral of the Navy, a position Elizabeth held since 1964.

But, not getting the King title is not as bad as it seems. The title is only symbolic, so he's not losing out on much. In addition, if he manages to outlive Queen Elizabeth, he gets to keep the "His Majesty" title and could also be given the title King Father when Charles ascends the throne.

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Prince Philip