Royal Weddings: A Look At 6 Outstanding Marriages From The British Royal Family

Date February 26, 2018

For fans of the British royal family, 2018 is a dream year. More than the occasional public appearance or sparse social media update on the royals, there has been a buzz in Kensington Palace.

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Royal Weddings Galore

News of Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle was followed by news of another wedding in the family. Cousin Princess Beatrice and fiance, Jack Brooksbank, announced their engagement.

One royal wedding is exciting enough, but two weddings? Fans can hardly take the excitement.

The royal family is famous for being discreet, and the future brides are keeping their cards close to their chests on most of the details. But as usual, there have been speculations about the nitty-gritty: dress designers, cake choices, and guest lists.

Royal Marriages, Scandals And All

While we wait for the royal weddings to come around, it’s a good time to look at royal couples through the years and the most public aspects of their relationships - scandals and all.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles’ 15-year marriage to Princess Diana ended in a quite messy divorce amid cheating allegations. His alleged mistress Camilla was a girlfriend from his past. He married her years later, after Princess Diana’s death in 1997.


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Edward VIII

The marriage of Edward VIII to American socialite Wallice Simpson has a lot of similarities to Prince Harry’s upcoming marriage to Meghan Markle. Wallice Simpson and Meghan Markle are both divorcees. But a lifetime of policy changes has affected the way both marriages have been received.


Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert. That’s rather like a marriage between Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice. As unusual as the marriage may seem now, it was a happy one, and they had nine children together.


King Charles II

King Charles II married Catherine of Braganza in 1662. The couple are credited with introducing the tea drinking custom to the British court. But during her marriage to the King, she had to accept his many affairs. She did not bear him any children, but his many mistresses did. Notably, the flamboyant actress and sex worker, Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn, bore him two sons.


King George IV

King George IV had an interesting married life. He married a widow, Maria Fitzherbert, against the wishes of his family. This marriage was kept a secret. The family forced him to marry Caroline of Brunswick in exchange for the payment of a debt - 600,000 Pounds. They hated each other until her death.

A Lasting Royal Marriage?

It would seem that the royal family is incapable of scandal-free relationships. But Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip have been in love since she was 13, and they have been married for more than 70 years.


Their love appears to have lasted a lifetime amid the dissolution of their children’s marriages. The only child whose marriage has survived so far is Prince Edward's. He and his wife seem to have a solid marriage.

It is hoped that their grandchildren will have a love that is as lasting as the monarch and Prince Phillip's.

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