Fans Beg Kim Kardashian To Stop Doing Plastic Surgeries As She Sports A Nude Look For Vogue

Date February 12, 2018

It is speculated that Kim Kardashian has had a boob job, fillers, and lip plumpers to make sure her famous look is top notch. But her fans are concerned about the plastification of the reality star’s face.


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A mom of three Kim, 37, sported a fresh-faced nude makeup look for Vogue photoshoot, which raised a lot of worries. Kim graced the cover of the magazine with the jaw-dropping image, glancing to the side and delicately playing with one of her earrings.

While Kim, without question, is beautiful in the shot, fans noticed her face seemed to undergone some changes that could indicate the work of plastic surgeons.

Some sources revealed that her always “perfect” selfie looks require a whole team of professionals, some of them even live in her house. It is said that every posted selfie takes on average 200 pics an hour before the star decides which is the best one.

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After giving birth to her third child, Saint, many wonder what Kim had done to her face and body, especially considering that her famous bottom area seems to be looking bigger than ever.

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During the sixth season of her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim submitted an X-ray to show that she hasn’t got any implants in order to explain the rapid growth of her bottom from before she was properly famous. But a surgeon from points out, there are many other ways to enlarge a bum area without using silicone implants.

This does not rule out fat transfer/fat injections to the buttocks. This would not show on an x-ray as it is the patients' own body fat and not an implant.

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Fans reactions on Twitter:

According to experts, this unhealthy image has fueled an interest in cosmetic surgery amongst young girls who are obsessed with celebrities. They are searching for breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation more than ever before. It could all be the influence of stars like Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner.

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