Rising Supermodel, Kaia Gerber, Takes After Her Mother, Cindy Crawford, In The Modeling Business

Date February 2, 2018

Daughters always strive to be like their mothers and Kaia Gerber together with Cindy Crawford is the perfect example.

Paris fashion week debut for Cindy's daughter.

Paris Fashion Week is a tremendous show that features the best top models of the entire world. When you become a part of such event, your parents should already be proud of you. When you become a part of such event at the age of 16, and your mother is Cindy Crawford, then, perhaps, you have already reached a tiny goal in your life.

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Kaia Gerber is a teenager that has recently hit the stage of Paris Fashion Week. In comparison to her mom, who did it at the age of 20, that is an amazing achievement for a rising top model. Kaia was wearing a fashionable pink dress together with a pair of sock boots and a flower decoration on her head.

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Comparing Kaia's and Cindy's outfits

Back to 1991, 26 years from now, Cindy Crawford made her first model debut at Donna Karan’s show.

Kaia’s mother began her career with a fashionable outfit as well, wearing a denim mini dress, with pumps, and black tights.

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The images of their appearance also provide some distinct changes that have happened during almost three decades. Despite her young age, Kaia has already got 2,7 million Instagram followers that consider her a model icon of modern times.

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Cindy Crawford at her son's show

Cindy is a caring mother that looks after her son as well. Presley Gerber is an 18-year-old starting model that has recently appeared on Men's Paris Fashion Week.


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Mrs. Crawford has been also present there, feeling proud of her first son, and his way towards the modeling business.

Favorite dinner dates in Paris

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Cindy has wonderful children who are definitely building their careers just as well as she has.

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