Woman Was Hit And Dragged By Her Hair Across The Street. Then, Bystanders Helped Her Get Up And Take Revenge

Date February 1, 2018 16:50

It’s become more and more common to see how men beat, hit, and punch women whenever they want. It’s disgusting and outrageous, but the world should face the problem and speak about it out loud instead of pretending that nothing is going on. This incident proves that our society is changing, and being cruel is not an option anymore.

Bystanders fight off a woman from the man who hit her

The incident in the video happened in Huancayo, Peru. It’s gone viral in hours after being published on the internet. Surveillance cameras managed to film everything.

First, a man pushed a woman out of a taxi cab. Then, he started hitting her in the middle of the street. He didn’t want to let her go alone, and the hitting and dragging continued until she fell on the ground. The man tried to drag her by her hair.

Luckily, passersby who saw everything decided to help the woman and fought her off from the man. The whole street stopped for a few minutes, while the bystanders were dealing with the man.


Gender-based violence in Peru

It’s not the first time the streets of Peru see such violence. In fact, it’s one of the countries together with other states in Latin America that has a huge problem with street harassment and women abuse.

In 2012, people created PAC initiative that’s translated as 'Let's stop street harassment'. It’s meant to help women fight the problem. Then, there is a platform called DATEA for women all over the world that gives them a chance to share their experiences with geo-reference.

Cruelty is not a solution

It’s necessary to voice the problem and stress upon the fact that being cruel won’t solve anything. It makes the problem even worse and leads to a huge number of side effects. People all over the world come to understand that and unite in the face of their common problems.