Protocol Breaker: Another Tradition Meghan Markle Is About To Violate At Her Wedding

Date February 1, 2018 11:53

From the very beginning, everyone knew this royal wedding would be unlike others. Judging by the powerful and freedom-loving personalities of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it was quite predictable. And the fact that they’ve decided not to be governed by the recommendations of royal assistants testifies to that.

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But there’s one more thing Meghan Markle is set to break. She is planning to give a speech at their wedding reception. And the sources close to the royal family said:

Harry thinks it’s a good idea.

As a rule, it’s the father of the bride who gives the speech. But the thing is that her father, Thomas Markle, TV show lighting expert, won’t be given a word as it may make him feel uncomfortable to speak in front of such a large audience and all the royal family. Instead, his daughter, Meghan, wants to pay tribute to her husband, Queen Elisabeth, as well as everyone who supported and helped them.

Nevertheless, it’s reported Meghan’s father is thrilled her daughter would marry Prince Harry and says they are a good match.

Recently, it was said that her mother will be the one who would walk Meghan Markle down the aisle, but the myths were dispelled.

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Notably, it won’t be the first time Meghan Markle would be speaking in public. She has plenty of experience in the matter. She has been the UN speaker in 2015 on the topic of feminism. And her experience as an actress will only help her.

By the way, May 19th is said to be the date of the royal wedding that will be held in Windsor Palace. It’s said the bride has already done her first dress fittings. So, let’s wish her best of luck with all her plans!

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