Laker’s Fans All Grown Up: Sylvester Stallone's Daughters Love The Lakers Even More Than Their Daddy

Date February 20, 2018

Stallone's daughters enjoy double date at the Lakers match

Only fathers know the feeling when their daughters accidentally grow up, and they don’t even realize when and how it happened. Nevertheless, they need to come to terms with how the things are and have faith in them.

Our beloved Sylvester Stallone must be immensely proud of his daughters. Two of them have been recently spotted at the Lakers match. However, they weren’t alone there. Each girl was in a company of a boy. Sophia, 21, was with her boyfriend, Connor Spears, who is an American football player. And Scarlet, 15, was with her male friend.

Apparently, they had quite a great time. The whole game the couples were actively chatting about something and watching the intense game! Sylvester should be proud of his beauties!

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Sister, sister, sister: Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlett

Sophia is the oldest of the three girls, 21. Her major is Communications, and it takes her a lot of time to care about her health in view of the problems with her heart.

Sistine, 19, is all about fashion. She took after her mom and went into modeling. Now, she appears in Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and other well-known magazines.

Scarlet, 15, is probably the closest to her dad as she often appears in his videos on Instagram, mocking him. What is more, the daddy isn’t fond of her daughter dating anyone!

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Stallone is Lakers fan himself

Of course, it’s not that comfortable for the dad to let his daughters go with their boyfriends to the games he used to take them to. Sylvester Stallone is a fan of the Lakers himself, and it wasn’t only once that he took his princesses to various games. They look adorable together!

Best of luck to such a cute family!

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