Jane Birkin Opens Up About Her Ageless Style And Gives Some Beauty Tips


February 1, 2018 18:03 By Fabiosa

Muse of Serge Gainsbourg, sex symbol of the 60's, and a fashion icon – all these words are about Jane Birkin who marked her 71st birthday in December. Despite the venerable age, the actress and singer released a new album and, on this occasion, gave an interview to Harper's BAZAAR, in which she revealed the secret of her unique style.

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On her style now

Jane believes that women start to look like themselves only when they are older than 30. That's when they begin to dress for themselves and not to impress husbands and boyfriends. As for the singer, she found her perfect everyday uniform in her 50s, and since then, it has not changed. She reveals:

To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a simple cashmere jersey paired with boyfriend jeans or trousers.

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The fashion icon has never been a fan of high heels, but she definitely makes her beloved Converse work. And in the evenings, she can opt for a tuxedo, which is definitely worth its money.

You can wear it for years, even if it has holes.

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On her style when she was young

For sure, Jane’s style has drastically changed since her youth. She strove for an effortless but chic look, and she greatly succeeded in it. Wearing denim for any occasion, rocking a lowly wicker basket as a bag of choice, throwing on a belt – we learned many stylish lessons from Birkin. Even then, she often preferred tracksuits, T-shirts, and flared trousers, but she also sported lace crop tops and sheer knit dresses.

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On makeup and perfumes

Birkin also opened up about some beauty secrets. The 71-year-old does not wear a lot of make-up. When you're 16, you can apply as much cosmetics as you want, but at her age, a woman can look like a witch if she overdoes it. It is much more important for the singer to smell delicious. In fact, she created her own fragrance – a mixture of musk, neroli, tobacco, and vanilla.

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And most importantly, she advises taking calcium as it is very important for bones.

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