People Call Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy A Bit Ironic As His First And Third Wives Are Immigrants

Date February 5, 2018

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign considering immigration policies and deportation rules has caused vivid discussions among Americans and citizens of other countries. But the most ironic thing in the whole situation is that two of Trump’s wives are immigrants too.

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Trump’s new immigration rules

President Donald Trump is known for his strict position considering illegal immigration. In fact, it was a key point of his presidential campaign. Trump has expressed support for a number of limits on legal immigration and guest-worker visas, including restrictions on granting green cards.

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Here is a small extract of Trump’s speech in the Congress:

You'd better be smart and you'd better be tough. They're taking your jobs, and you'd better be careful.

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In January 2018, president released a new immigration plan, which offers a 12-year path to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants who arrived in America illegally as children.

Need to say that Donald Trump has immigrant roots himself. His mother was born in Scotland, and his father was a son of German immigrants.


Donald’s immigrant wives

Doesn’t it sound ironic that a person who has been surrounded by immigrants his entire life, expresses such a sharp attitude towards immigration policy?

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Donald’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump, was born in Czechoslovakia. She married to Austrian ski instructor in order to get a foreign passport. Ivana and Trump married in 1977, but she became an American citizen only after 11 years.

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Trump’s current wife Melania is an immigrant too. The First Lady was born in Slovenia and moved to New York about 20 years ago. She married to Trump in 2005, and the next year, she got the American citizenship.

When Melania just moved to America, she started her work in the modeling business. In 1996, Ms. Trump worked as a model on a tourist visa, violating the terms of entry according to the president’s new law.

It seems like Melania could have been deported from the US if Donald Trump had been president at the time of her modeling career.

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Some people say Trump’s new immigration rules sound a bit controversial taking into account his wives’ immigrant past. What do you think on this matter? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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