Time's Up, BAFTA 2018, And Kate Middleton's Gown Dilemma


February 13, 2018 10:45 By Fabiosa

There has been a lot attention about sexual harassment in Hollywood and all over the world. Biggest film stars shared their personal stories, accusing their colleagues of illegal actions. This whole protest formed a movement, which is called “Time’s Up”.

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Women wear black on movie awards ceremonies.

Time’s Up was founded as a result of the Weinstein effect and #MeToo trends. One of the movement’s initiatives, which was announced right after its foundation, called for women on the red carpet at the 75th Golden Globe Awards to wear black. In solidarity with the anti-sexual harassment, BAFTA 2018 guests were officially asked to wear black as well. The protest gets overwhelming support all over the world, and even politicians took part in it.

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For example, Oprah Winfrey speaks for all women suffered sexual harassment.

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Kate Middleton's "dilemma"

Time’s Up is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming a huge thing in the US. Hence, every action you are making regarding an influence sphere of the movement can and will be considered as a statement. We all know that the royal family has a bunch of rules, probably as old as the Parliament of Great Britain itself. One of the rules states that it is preferable to avoid anything that could be seen as a political statement. That is why Kate Middleton, 36, faced the “dilemma”. On the one hand, if she wears a black gown – she makes a political statement of supporting Time’s Up. On the other hand, Kate risks being the only woman in a colored dress on the ceremony.

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Kate Middleton's last year BAFTA appearance

Last year, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the special guests at BAFTA. Kate’s hair was twisted into a chic up-do, so that everybody could see her magical sparkling earrings. She wore a bespoke off-the-shoulder black flower patterned Alexander McQueen gown. The dress was perfect for a spring season ahead. She looked utterly gorgeous.

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Let's hope there will be no political drama for Kate whatever the color she chooses. At least, we surely know that she would be astonishing in any dress!

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