Craig Morgan Opens Up About His Loss And How The Family Overcomes The Pain

Date March 6, 2018

If you love country music, then you are most definitely familiar with Craig Morgan’s music. The country musician lost his son in a horrible tubing accident recently.

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Terrible tragedy

Jerry Greer, Craig’s son, died at the age of 19, on July 10, 2016. The “amazing young man,” as his dad used to call him, was tubing behind a boat on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee when suddenly he disappeared into the water and didn’t resurface. His body was found only the next day.

According to the results of an autopsy, Jerry drowned. Jerry’s toxicology report showed that traces of marijuana and low level of alcohol were found in his blood. The official cause of death determined by the Humphreys County Medical Examiner was accidental drowning.

Life jacket didn't save Jerry

There is, however, one unanswered question about the accident. Jerry was wearing a life jacket, which should’ve helped him resurface immediately. Nobody knows what the issue with that life jacket was, though. And if you are superstitious, there is more to this story. Jerry has been wearing his Saint Michael medallion until the day he died. He told his mother he had lost his guardian necklace. The mother commented:

If you’re wearing a Saint Michael medal, you’re protected, and Jerry didn’t have his on.

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Craig and Karen took Jerry as a foster child and immediately knew that he was going to stay. After some time, they adopted Jerry, and he officially became their child. Karen said:

I knew he was mine. From day one, I knew.

"Morgan Family Strong"

The family feels Jerry’s presence everywhere, but most importantly in their hearts, as he was the family’s glue. In order to heal the wounds, the Morgans decided to film a new docuseries called Morgan Family Strong, which reveals how they have coped with the tragedy and how they have been supporting each other. Craig revealed the first news about this project back in January, a day after Jerry’s birthday.

As for Craig’s music career, the artist confesses that some aspects of the music became unbearable after his loss. The country star stopped songwriting for an unknown period and concentrated on the show.

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We wish the Morgan family to stay strong and be together. Only with the help of each other we can overcome every bad thing in this world.

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