7 Famous Roles Of Meryl Streep

Date December 28, 2017

We have seen actresses come and go but some are so spectacular that their works can't be swallowed up by time.

Meryl Streep dubbed as “the best actress of her generation” is known for her unique acting and excellent role interpretation. The 68-year-old actress has received 31 golden globe nominations throughout her career winning eight of it.

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She has also received 20 academy award nominations and three Oscars making her most nominated actress. Having been active since 1971, Streep has played some unforgettable roles over the years winning her various awards and nominations.

Streep's top 7 movie roles of all time

1. Kramer Versus Kramer (1971)

The movie adaptation of Avery’s novel of the same title stars Streep as Joanna Kramer, a woman who walked out on her marriage and six-year-old son. The husband Michael Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) had to devote more time to cater for their son which led to him losing his job.

Joanna (Streep) later came back to reclaim her son which led to a bitter custody battle. Streep nailed the character of Joanna playing a divorced woman who was just trying to do what she thought was best for her son.

The movie won Streep her first Oscar award as best supporting actress.

2. The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

The movie which is directed by Clint Eastwood depicts the story of a housewife who has an illicit affair with a freelance photographer who came into town to take shots of the bridge Madison county.

Meryl Streep plays Francesca Johnson, a housewife who encounters the charming photographer Robert Kincaid while her husband and two children were out of town. Their chance meeting led to four days of passion which Francesca documents in her diary and was later read by her children who were surprised at their mother's passionate side.

The movie got positive reviews and even critics applauded Streep for her portrayal of Francesca.

3. Adaptation (2002)

The movie tells the story of Charlie Kauffman and the challenges he faced when he was hired to adapt Susan Orleans’ “The Orchid Thief”.

Streep stars as the writer Susan Orleans in the movie. Despite the challenges Charlie faced when writing the movie, it went on to be a hit and left the audience wanting more.

4. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

The movie which is based on Louis Weisberger's novel of the same name tells the story of an aspiring fashion editor who had to work as an assistant to a very demanding boss.

Streep plays the role of the evil boss Miranda priestly who works her assistants into the ground and is feared by all. Streep played the villain role perfectly and even the critics couldn't agree more. The movie was box office hit in the summer of 2006.

5. One True Thing (1998)

This is a heart-tugging movie about a daughter who had to put her life on hold so she can go back home to take care of her sick mother who she doesn't get along with.

Streep gives a touching performance of a woman diagnosed with cancer with a limited time to live who reunites with her daughter. Her performance in the movie not only gained her positive reviews but also earned her another Oscar nomination.

6. Postcards From the Edge (1990)

In The adaptation of Carrie Fisher's semi-autobiography, Streep plays an actress with drug issues and a strained relationship with her mother who's been taken advantaged of by an unscrupulous producer. Her performance in the movie earned her another Oscar nomination.

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7. Manhattan (1979)

One of Woody Allen's classics and Streep's earlier works tells the story of a middle age writer dating a 17-year-old and also having an affair with his best friend's former mistress.

Mr. Allen’s progress as one of our major filmmakers is proceeding so rapidly that we who watch him have to pause occasionally to catch our breath.

Vincent Canby wrote when the movie was released. Allen wrote a masterpiece and Streep did justice to the character of Jill, the ex-wife of Allen's character.

After been active for over four decades, Meryl has indeed left her mark in the art world. With her unique style of bringing the characters to live on screen, Streep has gotten many award nominations and honors and her works will forever remain fresh.

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