Rod Stewart And 7 Fascinating Facts About His Personal And Professional Life

Date January 11, 2018

Rod Stewart, the famous rock singer and songwriter, celebrated his birthday on January 10th, 2018. It is unbelievable that he is already 73 years old, as his energy and life ambitions inspire people all over the world. Though he is well known in many countries, there are some facts that can still surprise his fans.


1. Family

He is the youngest child of Robert Stewart and Elsie Gilbart. Overall, the couple had five children, and Rod was born during the Second World War.

2. Childhood

Rod has named the period of his childhood, which is quite unusual. He calls it "fantastically happy," which means that his parents have done a good job raising their kids.

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3. Hobby

All of his family members were football fans, and Stewart was the most talented footballer out of everybody in the house. His favorite football club was Arsenal, and Rod dreamed of becoming a famous footballer.


4. First popularity and career

Rod became rather popular in the late 1960s with The Jeff Beck Group. Nevertheless, his singing career started back in 1962 when he began busking with a harmonica. In 1963, he already became a part of the Dimensions as a harmonica musician and partly a singer.

5. Early music

Rod Stewart’s early music is a combination of R&B, rock, folk, and soul music.


6. Work

He managed to combine solo and group career, which is not so easy. Rod’s first solo album, “An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down,” was released in 1969.

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7. Achievements

He is one of the best-selling singers worldwide, with more than 100 million records being sold.

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The legendary 73-year-old British singer is still an idol for millions, and his songs remain in the hearts of people worldwide.

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