51-Year-Old Halle Berry Still Looks As If She Is Only 30

Date January 19, 2018

When Halle Berry hit the red carpet at the recent NAACP Awards, she proved one more time that age is just a number. And looking at this incredibly beautiful and confident woman, it is hard to believe that she is actually 51!

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Halle donned a magnificent (and daring) see-through gown, showing everyone that she is still in a pretty great shape. So, we decided to find out, what is her main secret.

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“Conscious” eating

One part of Berry's secret is her diet. At the age of 19, the actress was diagnosed with diabetes, so she steers clear of processed sugars, as well as bread, reports Mirror.

Over the years, the Oscar-winning actress maintains a so-called ketogenic diet, reveals Madamenoire.

I swear by the ketogenic diet. It’s simple. It’s no sugar, no carbs.

Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.

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Instead of bread, red meat, and fruits, Halle Berry consumes lots of healthy fats, protein, and fresh vegetables.

And it looks like this nutrition style works great for the 51-year-old mom of two. Even though sticking to all these rules gets “harder than it used to be,” the actress admitted in an interview with L.A. Times:

As I get older, I am more conscious of what I eat.

The Monster's Ball star admits she can “occasionally” allow herself a glass of red wine, but she always makes sure to keep the rest of her meals “clean and healthy.”

Regular training

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Another part of her secret is staying active throughout the day. Even though her schedule is usually too busy to have enough time for working with a personal trainer, she still makes sure to exercise on a daily basis, reports L.A. Times.

No matter what, every day I exercise for at least 30 minutes.

The actress focuses mostly on cardio, yoga, and pilates.

I do exercises that involve my own body weight because I never want to get too muscly.

She also changes her workout routine every few months to increase the effectiveness of her exercises.

With such a thought-through approach, Halle Berry sets a great example for staying fit and healthy at any age. However, another legendary actress who has just turned 96 – Betty White – has a bit different position about nutrition. Read the article below to learn more about Betty's personal secret to living a longer and happier life.

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