Harrison Ford: Top 10 Most Memorable Characters In His Acting Career

Date January 10, 2018

If you think about it, there are not a lot of people on this planet that don't know who Harrison Ford is. His unquestionable fame comes from two things: his immense talent and memorable roles.

Harrison Ford


American actor and film producer has earned his name on the big screen in the 70s but still continues to charm movie lovers everywhere. All of his memorable roles during his long career made him one of the highest grossing actors of all times.

Over the years, Harrison has received an Academy Award nomination as well as several Golden Globe nominations. Furthermore, Ford has proven to be more than an actor by joining the fight to save the environment.


Most memorable roles

Harrison appeared in dozens of movies and if we might add, he was superb in all of them. However, only his best roles have left an irreplaceable impact on pop culture.

Tip: If you haven't seen some of the movies on this list, do yourself a favor and watch them as soon as possible. Greatness guaranteed. 

10. Bob Falfa in American Graffiti

The oldest movie on the list features Ford playing a handsome and cocky racing driver. There is something in the self-confidence of Bob Falfa that Ford definitely used for some of his more famous roles.

9. Henry Turner in Regarding Henry

In this American drama film, Harrison can be seen in a somewhat different light. His charms are still there, but it's all about the family in Regarding Henry.

8. John Book in Witness

The role of Detective John Book brought Harrison his first and only Academy Award nomination. Even though he did not win the award, his performance in this intense crime-thriller was unbelievable.

7. Jack Trainer in Working Girl

This adorable romantic comedy was not only a huge box office but also secured Ford's place as one of the most wanted actors.

6. Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger

The exquisite role of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan was played by some of the Hollywood's finest actors. However, it was Harrison Ford who gave this CIA agent his life and soul.

5. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive

Who could forget the incredible performances of Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in this timeless thriller? This movie marked the highlight of the era of intense, action-packed thrillers.

4. President James Marshall in Air Force One

In one of the most popular movies of the 90s, Ford is the President of the United States. It would be fun to see how he would fare in the real Oval Office, but in this film, the President saves the day aboard Air Force One.

3. Rick Deckard in Blade Runner

It is curious that Blade Runner wasn't a successful movie when it came out. It would be years until people have started to realize the movie's full potential. Of course, Harrison's portrayal of Rick Deckard made his performance a typeset for all future sci-fi movies.

2. Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones Franchise 

Handsome and skilled professor of archeology forever changed how people conceive the past and the historians. It all became so interesting and adventurous, and it's all thanks to Harison Ford.

1. Han Solo in Star Wars

You have probably guessed No. 1 from the start, but it was inevitable. Han Solo is simply the epitome of courage and spirit and has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe.

What is your favorite Harrison Ford character? Do you agree with our list?


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