3 Interesting Facts About Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II's Only Daughter Named 'The Most Hard Working' Member Of The Royal Family

Date January 15, 2018 18:29

Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise is not only Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s only daughter, she is also a highly talented horse rider!

About Princess Anne

Aside from being the only member of the British Royal Family to have participated in the Olympics, she has won several other sporting medals.

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She has two silver medals and a gold medal from the European Eventing Championship to her credit.

Born the 3rd in line of succession to the British throne, the princess is currently the 12th in line to the throne. She has been married twice and has two children. She is also a grandma to three kids currently; two from her son Peter and one from her daughter, Zara.

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Fascinating facts about the princess

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1. She is officially the most hardworking member of the royal family.

Looking back at the year 2017, Princess Anne has been confirmed to have been the busiest royal in 2017! The 67-year-old daughter of Queen Elizabeth undertook a total of 540 engagements locally and internationally.

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Within the United Kingdom alone, she was involved with 455 engagements. These included visits to charity events, opening ceremonies, launches, concerts, banquets, and sports activities.

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2. She was married twice.

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Her first marriage was to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. The marriage lasted until 1992 and produced two children. Few months after the divorce, Princess Anne was married again. This time around, it was to Commander Sir Timothy Laurence. They had no children together.

3. She competed in the Olympics.

As a talented horse-rider, the Princess went professional and competed in the Olympic Games in 1976. She has also served as the President of the British Olympic Association.

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Not surprisingly, Zara, her daughter has also been sport-inclined and won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics.

What she is known for currently.

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Even though she has reduced her sporting activities significantly, Princess Anne is still known for being an eager beaver. She currently holds the title of the busiest member of the Royal family.

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And with the new year up and running already, we can’t wait for more stories of her accomplishments; both within and outside of the UK.

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