Actors That Are Above 60, But Still Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Date January 19, 2018

Phew! Whoever said being above 60 means losing allure, charm, and sheer magnetism?

These guys have been around for more than half a century but they still weaken women’s knees and cause their hearts to flutter every time they show up on our screens.

Handsome Actors Over 60

When you have an eclectic mix of Mark Harmon 66, Harrison Ford 65, Kevin Costner 62, Jeff Goldblum 65, Pierce Brosnan 64, Denzel Washington 62, Ted Danson 69, Micheal Keaton 66, Richard Gere 68, Bruce Springsteen 68 and oh, did we mention even Joe Biden 75, gathered together under the same roof, you no doubt have some of the sexiest men alive congregated right there in that room.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the most famous Adonis to have ever graced our TV screens.

1. Pierce Brosnan

He sure takes the cake when it comes to looking stylish and fashionable. His all black 2-piece attire makes him twice as much the Adonis that he is.

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2. Jeff Goldblum

We still can’t get over this debonair look of The Grand Budapest Hotel star. His white blazers, grey colored shirt, and black tie ensemble make him appear so good.

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3. Kevin Costner

Actor Kevin Costner is ever the heartbreaker. His black suit with open-necked white shirt dressing here makes him look ever so dashing.

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4. Richard Gere

68 sure looks good on Richard Gere as he was spotted looking as charming as ever at the premiere of the film The Dinner in Madrid, Spain. His spectacles definitely add to his appeal.

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5. Bruce Willis

Actor Bruce Willis certainly still have women gawking even at his age. With his black suit, white shirt and black polka dot tie, he certainly looked so good at “The 26th Philadelphia Film Festival”.

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6. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford steps out at the “Serious Fun Gala” at the “The Roundhouse” in London looking natty. His black suit, light blue striped shirt as well as black polka dot tie dressing attire flatters him greatly.

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7. Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson with his blue eyes will always be the ladies’ man. His navy blue suit ensemble with his black t-shirt dressing at the Paris premiere of the Passenger makes him look so irresistible.

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8. Jeff Bridges

Give it to Actor Jeff Bridges, the years have certainly been kind to him. With his blue 3-piece suit outfit and perfectly coiffed hair, you will agree with us that he I quite a stunner at his age.

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9. Bryan Cranston

Here comes Bryan Cranston attending the Gala Screening & International Premiere of Last Flag Flying. And sure, he looks every inch a charmer. Just like the proverbial old wine in a new skin, the TV star sure looks ageless.

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10. John Travolta.

Donning a black and white blazer, black turtleneck, black trousers and striking a power pose, John Travolta gives a new definition to the word “elegant”. He sure looks good especially with that winning smile he is wearing.

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Yes, they may be well past their prime but they sure ain’t past their sell-by-date. Certainly, apart from good genes, access to greater comfort must have helped to preserve their youth.

We hope to see them looking ever so good and lighting up our screens for a long, long time.

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