Can Chocolate Be A Problem? Twitter Users Answer This Question In The Most Hilarious Way

Date February 2, 2018

For many people, the struggle is real when it comes to resisting eating chocolate. Whether enjoying it on its own, adding it to other desserts, or topping off cereal with it, some of us can’t control our cravings.

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And how can we? It tastes good, it looks good, and it smells good. What can be wrong with it? Twitter users attempted to answer this question, which made the hashtag #TheProblemOfChocolate go viral. Here are some of the funniest, most honest, and most enjoyable answers.


1. If chocolate is the problem, the simplest solution to it is to just eat it all!

2. What a great moment to allude to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

3. Chocolate factory workers are the luckiest; they have an unlimited access to the sweets.

4. But it’s important to remember that there can be some health-related consequences, so beware!

5. Who really does have a problem with it?

6. Unfortunately, a chocolate bar is not infinite.

7. There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson

8. It’s delicious, but it can cost a pretty penny.

9. And you can become chocolate-addicted. Is there any therapy to treat this disorder?

10. You can learn chemistry with it in a fun way.

11. We hope they don’t make sweets out of the chocolate river the main Charlie and the Chocolate Factory antagonist swam in.

12. It can be a healthy breakfast!

13. Not sharing it can be a real problem, as it reveals your selfish side.

14. Some food-and-drink combinations may not work. You better pair chocolate with tea or coffee.

15. Of course, how to talk about the chocolate without a good pun?

16. Some flavors may not be as delicious as the other ones.

17. Perhaps, you should eat a bar quicker.

Sure, by eating fulfilling meals and avoiding skipping them, we can stop our cravings. But the world will be a bit sadder without the chocolate intake.


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