World's Oldest Working Model, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Talks About Her Beauty Tips

Date May 15, 2019

After seven decades in the fashion industry, Carmen Dell’Orefice, is still in demand. The 87-year-old model looks fabulous at her age and doesn’t even think about quitting her favorite job. What is the secret of her evergreen beauty? Let’s find out.

Incredible Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice began her career in the fashion industry more than 70 years ago. She has been on covers of the most popular magazines. In her latest interview, the star said:

I have had more magazine covers in the last 25 years than I have in my whole elongated career.

During her successful and long-lasting career, Carmen appeared in numerous runway shows. She has got the status of the world’s oldest working model.

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At the stage when many of her contemporaries are long forgotten, Carmen still participates in the campaigns for different luxury brands. Recently, Dell’Orefice revealed her secrets for everlasting beauty.

Carmen Dell’Orefice’s beauty secrets

Carmen Dell’Orefice looks incredible at 87. The supermodel doesn’t hide her beauty secrets. Get ready to note.

Skin care

Her skin looks so amazing thanks to a simple skincare product, a moisturizing balm. In fact, Carmen says that skin softening is the essential element of her beauty routine for keeping the skin healthy-looking for a long time.

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Healthy diet

Carmen is not a big fan of strict diets. Instead, she tries to eat healthy and nutritious food. She likes to drink a lot of water with lemon every morning and she eats probiotic yogurt pretty often.

I eat to my appetite and don’t count calories. I want to enjoy food passionately.

Slim body

A lot of people wonder how Carmen has managed to keep her slim body for so many years. Dell’Orefice says her secret is pretty simple. She walks a lot. The model enjoys long promenades and never misses a chance to spend time with her friends in the outdoors.

No-makeup rule

In her everyday life, Carmen wears very little makeup. She’s only applying makeup for a photoshoot or for some public event. In the rest of the time, she’s not using any makeup products at all.

You can watch Carmen's backstage interview in the video below:

Guinness record

In 2008, Dell’Orefice has been included in the Guinness World Records for the longest career as a catwalk model. Carmen says her life credo is:

I do want to live every day though, rather than fear the inevitable.

Great words! Carmen Dell’Orefice deserves all her glory. She looks fantastic and inspires other women to love themselves at any age

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