Emma Watson Shared An Inspirational Quote About 'A Wall Of Silence Against Women And Violence'

Date January 16, 2018 12:03

Emma Watson is among numerous celebrity women who join #MeToo movement that aims to stop sexual harassment. In her recent Instagram post, the actress shared her quote of the day about the importance of breaking silence when it comes to violence against women.


Emma Watson shares an inspirational quote

Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, is a social activist when it comes to the problem of women’s rights. The actress supports “The Silent Breakers”, which have risen under #MeToo movement. Watson often shares her opinion about the importance of breaking silence when it comes to sexual harassment and violence.

Emma was among numerous celebrity women who wore a black gown at the Golden Globe Awards 2018 to show her support to all females who suffered from “inappropriate men’s behavior".


Recently, Watson shared an inspirational Instagram post. It contains a quote by Marai Lasari. The quote is the best one to express Emma’s thoughts about the equality of women’s rights and the problem of violence in a family.

There is a wall of silence against women and violence, and every time a woman speaks out it breaks a crack in that wall. – Marai Lasari

Other celebrity women speak against violence

Nowadays, the most famous women are not shy to express their opinion and fight for the end of violence against females all over the world. Through all possible and available sources like music and television, these celebrities aim to raise public attention to this important issue. Women must have a right to speak openly on violence and don’t be afraid to share their personal stories.

We chose some most inspirational quotes which world-famous celebrities shared in support for women’s rights.

Annie Lennox


Violence against women threatens the lives of more young women than cancer, malaria or war. It affects one in three women worldwide. It leaves women mentally scarred for life, and it is usually inflicted by a family member.

Charlize Theron


Hundreds of thousands of women and girls have been beaten, tortured and raped—atrocities beyond anything that I have ever heard of or could imagine… For a problem so big and so complicated, where do you begin? What I have found and what I believe is that you begin somewhere, anywhere, but you must begin. You must act. As you read this, consider your humanity. Consider for one moment if you or your sister, your mother or your daughter lived in such a dire situation—then act.

Nicole Kidman


Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation. But it is not inevitable.

Oprah Winfrey


Turn your wounds into wisdom.

Reese Witherspoon


There remains what can seem like an impenetrable wall of silence around violence,” she said, “and we must all play a role in breaking this silence.

Fans’ reaction

People on social media also share their thoughts on the importance of the end of violence against women. Here are the most emotional replies to Emma Watson’s quote.

Ending violence against women is one of the most important issues of the modern society. It’s great when celebrity women are able to join their forces to achieve a common goal.

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Emma Watson