Beloved Dog Is The Best Doctor And Psychiatrist

Date February 12, 2018 10:47

This wonderful breed has an interesting history, and all those people who have them as their pets or just love them should know at least a few facts.

Labradors were imported from Newfoundland, not Labrador, in 1800. Their full name is Labrador Retriever. They can boast about being the most popular breed in the world. Back at that time, people used them for their routine tasks, such as fishing or pulling some heavy stuff. In 1850, they were transported to Great Britain, and people started using them for hunting.

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These dogs haven’t changed a bit since that time, just look how adorable they are!

1. What does she want from me?!

2. First meeting - first snow! They will love each other!

3. I like to sniff poopers with my booper!

4. Saltwater swims are awesome!

5. Bark, bark- I’m a shark!

6. Very curious nose.

7. Let's go for a walk!

8. Always keeping an eye on everything! The Superman!

9. What can be better than snow?!

10. Enjoying life! 

13. Molly is enjoying the snow.

14. What a nice pooh!

15. The weekend is COMING!!!

16. Sweater weather! I just love when it's warm.

17. I love the sun, and something that's in the hole! 

18. My mom thinks she's funny. 

19. Birthday girl!

20. Reminiscing.

And how about you? Is Labrador your favorite breed?! It’s just impossible to imagine our lives without them, so let’s enjoy the cuties as much as possible!

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