23 Spectacular Photos Of The 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon

Date February 2, 2018

On Wednesday, millions of Americans were looking skyward, eager to catch a glimpse of the very rare super blue blood moon. This rare phenomenon has nothing to do with mythical creatures (sorry to disappoint you werewolf lovers). But it is indeed special because the last time it occurred was over 150 years ago.

The super blue blood moon is a full moon, which occurs usually every 29.5 days. In some instances, two full moons may occur in a month. This happens only once in three years and is called a blue moon.

Now, it gets even more interesting. The last blue moon appeared in July 2015. The blood moon occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun; it gives a red tint to the moon. And this is also the time when the moon is closest to the earth.

Put a blue moon together with a blood moon and voila! You will get a super blue blood moon.

Super blue blood moon in pictures

These are some of the most outstanding pictures of the super blue blood moon from around the world.

1. Birds

2. Athens, Greece

3. San Diego, California

4. Boulder County, Colorado

5. China

6. Istanbul, Turkey

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7. Quiet night

8. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

9. Indonesia

10. Prince Albert, South Africa

11. Paris, France

12. Arizona, USA

13. Dubai, UAE

14. North Idaho, USA

15. Tokyo, Japan

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16. Kyoto, Japan

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17. Tokyo, Japan

18. New York, USA

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19. Lancelin, Australia

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20. New York, USA

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It is coming back sooner than you think

In case you missed the super blue blood moon, there’s another lunar event that will happen in July 27, a total lunar eclipse. Sadly, it will not be visible in North America. But people in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America will have an awesome view of the eclipse.

The next super blue blood moon will not happen soon.