15 Interesting Facts About The Welsh Pop Singer, Tom Jones

Date January 16, 2018

Sir Thomas John Woodward, a Welsh singer who is popularly known by his stage name, Tom Jones has been in the entertainment scene for over 6 decades now!

Meet Tom Jones.

In his time as a singer, he has had a series of top hit songs, regular tours, and appearances in Las Vegas.

Having a voice that has been described as “full-throated baritone” it would be understandable why he joined The Voice UK as a coach.

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To his credit are several awards including an MTV Video Music Award, a Grammy Award, and two Brit Awards.

Interesting facts about Tom Jones

1. When Tom couldn’t make a show.

2. The star gets ready to make music happen.

3. Tom looking for meaningful songs.

4. Back in the day on a cold night!

5. Tom relaxing at home with the wife.

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6. Tom, Melinda (wife) and Mark (son).

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7. A throwback to the 60s.

8. Elvis Presley, his wife Priscilla Presley, and pop singer Tom.

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9. Former James Bond actor and Tom Jones.

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10. Tom Jones?


11. The singer holding a small plant.

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12. Pop singer holding a single.

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13. Tom Jones takes parents on a tour of Elstree Studios.

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14. Tom on the phone at home.

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15. Welsh singer cooking steak at home.

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Tom Jones' performances at The Voice UK.

The British talent show started airing on BBC One since March 24, 2012, and has Tom Jones as one of the judges.


Although he was missing on the show in 2016, the pop star has been a regular on the show. And in a recent episode, he made a surprise appearance as he performed.

What thrilled the audience, judges and everyone who got a chance to see the performance is the fact that no one could tell that it was an impromptu one.

Fans have been raving over the 77-year-old’s delivery of the song and many have reaffirmed that he still has his touch after all these decades.

Take a look at this performance and let us know what you think about it. Does Tom still have his musical spark? Or is age visible on him already?

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