Hollywood's Beautificent Skin: Julianne Moore Tells A Secret Of Her Immaculate Look

Date February 13, 2018

The American actress suggests some secret hints to preserve your skin in a perfect condition.

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Road to success

Julianne Moore is a beloved award-winning film star, usually playing emotional women on the screen.

Her early professional career started in the beginning of 1990s with the role in Tales From the Darkside: The Movie.

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Her most memorable pictures were filmed at the end of XX century and continue up to now, featuring Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), Seventh Son (2015), and many others.

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Tips for perfect skin

As people speak about Moor’s appearance, it seems like the time has stopped for her indeed. She poses for the top-model magazines even in her 57. The key secret for Julianne is her skin that she thoroughly looks after every second.

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The major hint from the marvelous actress is avoiding too much direct sunlight as she never has her body sunburnt too much.

Also, you will need to have a tube of moisturizer together with SPF, regardless of where you go.

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It is essential to keep your skin protected even if it is winter outside. Finally, the last tip is not about the skin but rather about the body. Try taking up Ashtanga yoga. It is not necessary to do it every day, but your body must get enough relaxation and meditation at least three-four times a week.

Preparing a ginger successor

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As Julianne is no longer young, the world already misses that red, passionate, glamorous beauty.

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However, recently, people could observe young Moore in the form of her cute daughter Liv Freundlich that looks absolute similar to what her mother used to look like.

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With completely the same ginger hair, deep round eyes, and common interest (basketball, modelling), the girl is going to be like her mother and is already preparing to get even better.

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