5 Old-Fashion Valentine's Day Celebration Traditions People Might Follow Even Today

Date February 2, 2018

Valentine's Day is not only one of the most romantic days of the year but also one of the oldest holidays in the history. The church celebrates St. Valentine's Day on February 14th since the fifth century.

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However, its origins remain a mystery and are surrounded by hundreds of legends and rumors.

Also, it has a lot of traditions, both new and old. And today, we will tell you about some of the oldest St. Valentine's Day traditions that people can follow even today.

Old-fashion Valentine's Day traditions

In the last few decades, the Valentine's Day turned into a customer-driven holiday. Only in the U.S., people spend up to $20 billion every year on the gifts. And, unfortunately, most of these presents are pretty much the same: flowers, chocolate, and romantic dinner at a restaurant.


But in the past, people used to put a lot more effort into making presents for this day, even though they did not spend so much money on it. So, here are five of the most romantic (and affordable) old-fashion ways to congratulate your loved ones on Valentine's Day.

1. Greeting cards

Greeting cards are one of the main attributes of St. Valentine's Day. But today, most of them are standard and already have some text written inside.

A handwritten card, however, used to be a usual gift up until the middle of the 19th century, reports Huffington Post.

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Furthermore, people actually used to make these cards from scratch, decorating them with ribbons and lace.

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Later, people switched from making unique cards to trying to find the most original and unusual ones among the printed cards.

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2. Puzzle purse

A puzzle purse is a pretty unusual and interesting variation of a traditional love letter or greeting card. It consists of several notes and letters fitting together to create a beautiful design. Every note, however, is meant to be read separately from the others.

3. Holiday dances

Valentine's Day parties and dances were a more fun (and affordable) alternative to expensive restaurant dinners. Plus, it allowed to spend the day with all your loved ones, and not just your partner.

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4. Reusable chocolate boxes

While sweets are still one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts, people in the past used to exchange reusable chocolate boxes. Not only these boxes looked better than our today's plastic ones but they actually could be used again for storing various items: from sweets and cookies to letters from loved ones.

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5. Writing poetry

Perhaps, one of the most romantic old-fashion traditions for Valentine's Day was composing poetry for your loved ones.

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People actually used to dedicate poems to the people they loved. And even though there are millions of short Valentine's Day greetings and poems nowadays, you can still try and compose a poetry of your own to surprise your significant other.


Do you know any other old Valentine's Day traditions? Maybe, you have some interesting way of celebrating this romantic holiday? Leave a comment below and share your story with us!

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