Melissa Joan Hart Shares Fun Tips On How She Pushes Her Sons Eat Healthy

Date February 7, 2018 17:02

Melissa Joan Hart is a proud mom. The actor and producer is married to singer Mark Wilkerson and has three sons Mason, 12, Braydon, 9, and Tucker, 5.

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Melissa loves being a 'boy mom'

She is open about loving the fact that she is a ‘boy mom’. She does not mind that the boys are super active.

What she struggles with, however, is getting them to eat healthy.


Tricking her boys into eating healthy

Melissa echoes the sentiments of a lot of mothers, but she finds innovative ways to make her boys be less picky with their vegetables. The actor is not above tricking her children into eating broccoli and tofu. And if she has to call lentil soup 'stone soup', she does so as long as it gets the job done.

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She also mixes food in creative ways when they need to snack, combining celery, peanut butter, and raisins together.

According to her, her boys don't drink soda because they think it is coffee. Keeping her children away from soda is something she is quite proud of.

Trying for a girl?

Melissa, who is known for her roles in a number of television series, was on The Real recently where she talked about possibility of expanding her family.

The show hosts asked the mom of three if she was considering having a girl, and Melissa said trying to have a daughter was not something they considered pressing.


"I just think I’m a boy mom", she said.

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