Bryan Cranston Told His Fans That He Won’t Sign Any More Autographs

Date February 8, 2018 11:23

After having a long and successful career and earning a huge fanbase, and numerous awards, Bryan Cranston, the Breaking Bad star, decided that he can’t deal with it anymore and it’s time to put an end…to signing autographs.

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The Oscar nominee made a loud announcement on his Twitter account saying to his fans that he won’t sign any autographs anymore.

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To confirm his overwhelmed state, the 61-year-old actor attached a photo with two gigantic stacks of fan requests for signing.

He signed a photo with:

Dear friends,

This is the third double-stack of fan requests that are pouring into the office here in London. (This is a real shot. It’s not altered) I have already spent hours and hours over the previous two stacks and took them personally to the post office. I can’t do it anymore. I’m just overwhelmed. Even with an assistant it’s too much. After 18 years of signing anything and everything for fans - I’m retiring. I hope you’ll understand and honor this announcement. I will still happily meet you in person and personalize autograph books and photos, and take pictures, and sign programs for those seeing a play of mine, but no more merchandise or clothing or DVDs or resale signatures on card stock or signed photographs, etc etc. Thank you all for your interest in my acting journey. I hope you continue to find the work rewarding and entertaining to you. And I’ll see you on the street - we’ll take a selfie!


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Here are some of the fans reactions:

It seems that Cranston is following the footsteps of the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who made a similar announcement to his fans in 2008.

Cranston because famous after playing the dad in comedy series Malcolm in the Middle, but the real fame knocked on his door after portraying Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who starts to make and sell crystallized methamphetamine in order to secure his family’s financial situation after his death, in the hit drama series Breaking Bad.


Cranston admitted that he was happy to become famous later in life. It allowed him to build a "solid foundation" without the interruption of the spotlight.

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The actor is not going away anywhere, he will still be appearing on the screen. He just turned into a selfies kind of guy.


Who asks for autographs nowadays, anyway?

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