Adorable Cats Are Enjoying The Snow, And They Are So Cute

Date January 26, 2018

When the snowstorm comes, covering all the streets with a white sparkling duvet, you can expect to see at least one animal diving deep into a mountain of snow. It feels like our pets have been waiting all year for this magical time when they can gallop into the whiteness and go crazy. Cats, known for their unpredictable nature, love snow too and we’ve got proves.

Why the snow play is a thing

What is it about these ice crystals that makes everyone so mad about them? Even scientists have no answer, but they think it has something to do with the need to play that is hardwired in all animals as well as humans.

Play is an instinct, that’s why animals love to make up their own games and play them. When they were growing, playing was one of the ways to practice different behaviors and explore new ones. This is how they learn what is the appropriate way to behave.

Snow brings a sense of novelty, which make the instinct to play kick in. It wakes up the feeling of curiosity and stimulates animals to see their environment in a new way. Plus, doesn’t snow just feel good?

When a cat sees the snow

Now we got to the fun part. This is how cats welcomed the snow storm.

Fresh snow is something so tempting and irresistible, no wonder cats enjoying it as much as humans do.

1. We are melting from this cuteness overload.

2. What is this white thing?

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3. Cats are stronger than we think!

4. Aren’t our furry friends look beautiful in the whiteness of snow?

5. There’s nothing better than a snow bath!

6. Is there gold hidden beneath the snow blanket? Or maybe a supply of fish?

7. Doesn’t he just look like the Cheshire cat from Alice in The Wonderland?

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8. Snow you say? Not impressed.

9. What’s happening to the sky? Is it food coming out of it?

10. Do you want to build a snowman?

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11. What a pretty snow angel!


12. Learning the camouflaging techniques.

13. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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14. Do I get a treat for my work of art?

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15. Mom said that keeping the neck warm is very important!

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16. Don’t you just want to join a happy cat?

17. Don’t touch it, it’s mine!

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18. This little representative of the cat family looks like he’s seeing snow for the first time! How adorable!

19. What’s hiding in the woods?

20. Mom, can I eat it?

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21. Snow day fun!

22. It’s easy to enjoy the snow with that beautiful coat.

23. The world changes when it snows.

24. We know, it’s all very cute, but you shouldn’t forget about safety (yours and your cats').

Cat safety tips

This is what you should keep in mind when the snowstorm arrives:

    • make sure your cat doesn’t have frostbite after being in the snow;
    • before you get into your car, check under its bonnet as cats like to hide underneath cars to get warm;
    • give your cat plenty of water and food to replenish his energy after playing in the snow;
    • wipe off any grit of your cat’s paws after he's back inside.

When your cat sees the snow for the first time, let him explore it in a safe environment and stay with him until he gets used to it. Follow these tips and your four-legged friend should have a lovely winter. Make sure to take lots of cute photos because the world needs more ‘awww’ moments.

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