Kym Johnson And Robert Herjavec: Their Love Story

Date January 24, 2018

It’s always great to see the evolution of any relationship, especially if it’s the one the whole country was following since the time it had been revealed. This story will be about Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec.

Happy pregnancy news

It’s hard not to notice the wonderful news about Kym Johnson’s pregnancy. The happy mom-to-be doesn’t try to hide her interesting state and shares the photos of her tummy with her fans on Instagram. It’s her first child, and obviously, these 9 months are precious for her.

Kym and Robert: The whole truth from the beginning

Back then, the 53-year-old Shark Tank star and the 39-year-old dancer couldn’t imagine how far everything would go. When they were partnered up for Season 20 of the ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, little did they know that 2015 would change their lives forever.

Kym and Robert got so close together that they decided to start dating. Soon, the happy couple announced their engagement. Prior to that, Herjavec joked about their possible engagement. Finally, he had appeared with a stunning 6.5-carat ring that changed everything.

The couple married on July 31, 2016. They seemed to be more than happy, and here is what they told PEOPLE about the big decision. Johnson said:

I’m just so happy to be going through life with Robert. He’s the most incredible person.

Herjavec commented on his marriage as well:

I enjoy every minute I spend with Kym. When I met her, I felt complete.

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Robert Herjavec and his first wife

Diane Plese was an optometrist when she met Robert. It was love at first sight. They married not long after that in 1990. The couple had 3 kids together, namely Caprice, Skye, and Brendan. However, they didn’t prevent their parents from separation. Diane filed for divorce, and it appeared to be one of the most complicated periods in Robert’s life. He was thinking about committing suicide. Here’s what he told PEOPLE about that:

I just wanted to end it.

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Luckily, his life got another turn, and the Croatian businessman had decided to take part in the reality show where he met the woman that made him feel alive again. All the best to them and the twins they expect!

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