69-Year-Old Maye Musk Talks About Her Beauty Regime In An Interview

Date December 7, 2018

Yippee, 69-years-old Maye Musk is a new face of CoverGirl!

Who would have ever thought one could still be a top model at 69? Let’s face it, being the face of CoverGirl is a dream of the finest models. And Maya has just made it at the advanced age 69.

The news about the mother of Tesla founder was first announced by Maye Musk’s cosmetic company on September 27.

Maye’s beauty secret

Want to remain forever young like the statuesque model? Then, you might want to ask Maye a few questions because it is obvious she has some secrets to share about how she manages to look for fabulous at her age.

In a YouTube video, she reveals her nutritional regimen that helps maintain her youth like the eagle's one.

For breakfast, she takes a slice of whole grain toast bread, which she describes as her favorite. Then, for lunch, she eats a salad.

And, for dinner, she goes for “15 bean soup", which consists of 15 different types of dried beans. And when she wants to snack on something, she goes for fruits, not junks.

Maye is the oldest to feature for CoverGirl

In several years since CoverGirl has been in existence, they have featured all types of models. They have had the old and the young on their feature list but none was as old as Maye.

This stunning model is the oldest to ever feature the CoverGirl, and going by her post on Instagram, it is apparent that she was quite excited about it. She said:

Who knew, after many years of admiring the gorgeous Covergirl models, that I would be one at 69 years of age? It just shows, never give up. Thank you, Covergirl, for including me in your tribe of diversity.

But the superstar model is not the only one talking about it. CoverGirl also posted on their Facebook page with the caption "we totally agree with you".

No age barrier for these models

The billionaire's mom isn't the only model above 60 out there. We found a couple of other celebrity models who are equally advanced in age. This includes Pia Gronning, 65, Linda Rodin, 65, and Valerie Pain, 71.

If there is anything to learn from these models, it is the fact that age is truly just a number. It is more about individual perspectives and how we decide to look at things.

While some can feel laidback in the name of being too old, it is impressive to see that these ones are still in the game.

If Maye can become the face of CoverGirl, you too can become anything you hope for. So, go for it!