Smiling Through Pain: Georgia Rankin Battles Pain Constantly, But She Is Gracefully Forging Ahead With Life


February 19, 2018 12:34 By Fabiosa

It goes without saying that life isn't fair and it won't always give us what we desire. Yet, to courageously forge ahead in spite of what life throws at us is a skill few have mastered. One girl, though, seems to have gotten a hang of this particular skill, and her story is well-worth sharing.

Georgia Rankin and her skeletal dysplasia

Georgia Rankin is a 19-year-old teenage girl from Warrington, Cheshire.

At just over 2 ft 7 in, Georgia is very much thought to be Britain’s tiniest teenager, even shorter than the average two-year-old! The upbeat teen suffers from a form of skeletal dysplasia. This has affected her bones as they are now tightly welded.

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The condition affected her normal growth and kept her height at just 2.6 ft. But give it to this queen of inspiration, her disability doesn’t rattle her one bit as she goes about wearing a smile that belies her condition.

Georgia loves being unique

Segregation at school, exclusion from class parties, being treated differently from other children are some of the things Georgia faces every time.

However, once again, she has found a silver lining in her cloud. She quipped that all these unusual treatments she gets simply make her unique. And while at it, she is loving it:

Anyway, I don’t want to be the same as everyone opined the fun-loving teenager.

1. Georgia smiling into the camera on her 18th birthday.

2. Georgia and friend pictured laughing hard.

3. Georgia and her dog showing each other love.

4. So happy to finally have her new wheelchair.

5. LilG pictured with parents.

6. Pictures of LilG with a puppy and her dad.

7. Georgia being given a makeover by Glam Squad.

Georgia Rankin as a makeup artist

Asides the inconvenience of Georgia’s size, her rare disease is such that makes her live with constant physical pain.

Even though she underwent a surgery at 13, to remove the ball joints in her hips in order to ease the discomfort she feels, yet the pains persist. And she has had to turn to painkillers just to get through each day.

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But wait for this, Georgia has defied her pains and gone ahead to qualify as a makeup artist. She even has her own YouTube channel where she shares tips and beauty advice to her over 1400 followers.

1. Georgia Rankin shared a picture on her Instagram page.

2. Glam AF Red Lip Christmas makeover.

How cool can it get? We continue to wish this effervescent teenager who is taking the bull by the horns the very best in life. And we optimistically await the launch of her own makeup line in the near future.

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