Ageless Love: 20 Couples That Have Been In Love For 50 Years Or More

Date January 12, 2018 10:41

It is said that the greatest source of happiness in life is the conviction that we have a reliable partner.

Love and marriage

When you find a person who makes you feel weightless and carefree, it simply means that you find love. Coming to the conclusion that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is probably one of the boldest decisions in our life!

However, for most couples, falling in love seems to be the easier part of the equation. Little wonder why they say "it is not about getting married but staying married".

Fifty years of love

With the epic marriage failures all over the world, it is always a breath of fresh air to know that some people still have solid unions. But it even gets better to note that these marriages have lasted for several decades and are still strong.

Such is the case with the couples we point out in this post.

Andretti's grandparents

Andretti took to Twitter to share a picture of his grandparents who have been married for fifty years. Just like every other couple, they had life challenges, but they worked through every hurdle and stayed true to their love.

50 years of love and joy

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Nena and Bob Thurman celebrate 50 years of love, marriage, and mindfulness.

Happy couple holds a picture of their wedding day.

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Lovely couple shares a kiss over dinner as they mark their 50th anniversary.

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Happy couple smiles on camera with the wife standing over the husband's head as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Mama was “a bride stolen from heaven,” said Uncle Rey during my parents’ golden wedding anniversary party. He was sharing how his older brother, my papa, convinced mama 50 years ago to give up her plan to become a nun and to consider a future with my father instead. My father, on the other hand, had it easy with girls. “I told them I loved them but I never told them I would marry them,” he used to say when recalling how he would explain to mama who later found out about the girls before her. Uncle Rey, the youngest son in the Rimando brood, shared this as well, citing first hand experience of reading several of those girls’ letters of love and even marriage proposals. He was my father’s sidekick when he was courting mama. Eventually, mama was won over and they married on December 17, 1967. She explained that she saw in papa a responsible man. “Find a partner who is not only nice and mabait, but one who is responsible. A responsible man is a responsible parent and the best partner in life,” she told the intimate crowd of lifetime friends and relatives. She recalled how papa would read to us, toilet trained us, and tucked us in bed every night when we were young, and found ways and means to put us up in good schools. “I loved him even more,” she said. When papa got sick and was going thru several medical challenges, she realised it was still part of God’s plan for them because we had finished school by then. They could focus just on each other. “God has the best plans for us. Cesar was God’s best for me,” she said. ????: @estebanlainaphotography #mayforever #goldenwedding #goldenweddinganniversary #50yearsanniversary #50yearsoflove #50yearsofmarriage #couplegoals #marriagegoals #marriage

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The couple holds hands as they rock 50th anniversary.

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Happy couple shares a kiss over a cake on their 50th wedding anniversary.

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Couple holds hands with their head touching each other as they mark 50th wedding anniversary.

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Love conquers all

Fifty years and still very much in love like ever before, these are the love stories we can all learn from. Despite everything, their love for each other never faltered and stayed true to it. Love conquers all.

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