Donatella Versace Talks About The Best Advice She's Been Given By Her Brother, Gianni

Date February 5, 2018

62-year-old Donatella Versace, the artistic director of the Versace Group, invited Vogue magazine to her home in Milan. There, she gave a short tour around the mansion that earlier belonged to her late brother, Gianni.

Tour around the house.

The heiress of the fashionable Versace empire who continued the work of her brother answered 73 questions as a part of Vogue’s popular video series. During the conversation with the journalist, Donatella was walking through the halls and corridors of the stunning house.

In the video, a short glimpse into the family’s famed apartment reveals the taste of Gianni. Just take a look at all the beautiful things in it! Spacious corridors, white columns, statues, a marble floor, wooden cabinets, metal decorative figures, golden candlesticks, lux sofas with pillows – all this creates an incredible atmosphere.

Opening up about her brother.

But of more interest is, of course, Donatella’s interview. Apart from talking about feminism and outfit choices (she always chooses high heels over flat shoes), Versace opens up about her late brother.

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Donatella tries to work hard on the brand. But she thinks that Gianni would not approve of her creative direction if he were alive, just because it is not “good enough.” Also, the designer reveals that, even after all these years, she misses him terribly. That is why she could only produce a tribute collection in 2017 because it was too painful to do earlier. Donatella often recalls the most valuable advice her brother ever gave to her:

Be true to yourself.

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Tragic death

In July 1997, Versace died near his mansion after getting his coffee and morning papers, shot by a serial killer. Andrew Cunanan was crazy about his idol and often boasted of their close friendship. Undoubtedly, Donatella felt devastated by the loss but was determined to carry on his legacy.

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With a new season of the American Crime Story, the whole world can get an insight into the tragic death of the iconic fashion designer. The series, based on real events, shows what led to his assassination and how it happened.

The show aired on January 17, 2018, so everyone now has a chance to emerge into the story about fashion, style, and murder.

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