'I Didn't Want To Go Through The Trauma Again': Kym Marsh Tells Why She Can't Have Any More Kids

Date February 7, 2018 13:45

Kym Marsh is a well-known Coronation Street star, famous for playing Michelle Connor in the TV series. Not a long time ago, the actress received a TRIC award for her stunning portrayal of Michelle’s complicated story line. The television character had to go through a miscarriage, and this loss had a strange parallel to Marsh’s real life.

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Losing a baby

The star lost her son, Archie, on February 11, 2009, which left her heartbroken. Even though it has been 9 year since his passing, Kym still mourns his death and opens up about her experience.

Back then, the actress went through different negative emotions – anger, denial, loneliness, and grief. But losing a child is not something one can get over. She still thinks of her little boy every day, talks to him, and says goodnight or the warmest words, although she never got to know what kind of son he would be. Kym says:

It’s a wound that will never heal. There will always be an Archie shaped hole in our lives.

Giving birth to another child and making a hard decision

Kym credits her children for saving her after losing a baby. But a subsequent pregnancy with Polly (her youngest kid) was also fraught with complications. In fact, the actress’ daughter arrived seven weeks premature, which made Kym make a brave decision to end her fertility by means of surgery.

I didn't want to go through the trauma again because there would never be any guarantee it would be fine.

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Raising awareness

Each Mother’s Day and Christmas, the family spares a moment to think of Archie. This year, Marsh is planning the biggest memorial of her baby by hosting the first Archie’s Footprint Ball. The aim of this emotional event is not only to commemorate her kid. Rather, the actress also wants to aid child loss charity The Mariposa Trust and educate people about late miscarriage.

We are doing this in Archie’s memory but with the intent of helping other people in a similar situation to rebuild their lives.

Changing other things

But raising awareness is not the only thing she wants to do. Upon losing his son, Marsh found it surprising and upsetting that she could not receive a birth certificate because he was born before 24 weeks.

Now, Kym is campaigning for moms to be allowed to put their babies’ names on the National Register.

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