'Absolutely Fabulous' Star June Whitfield Says She’s Living In Care Home, But She Absolutely Enjoys It

Date January 30, 2018

June Whitfield is 92, but her boundless energy, radiant looks, and bright smile still make fans queue up for an autograph at movie premiers. She has had a colorful and rich career, starring on radio, television, and in the movies, including such films and shows as Happy Ever After, Absolutely Fabulous, Last of the Summer Wine, and many more. And the list of her co-stars just goes on and on.

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Future plans

Despite her age, the Absolutely Fabulous star does not want to give up on her career. She has had over seven decades of acting experience, and she has no plans to stop there.

Why should I give up doing something that I enjoy? I am lucky to be doing a job I love.

She is intended to do it as long as she is given parts. But the actress honestly thinks she’s more suitable to play characters in a wheelchair or a bed because it’s a bit difficult for her to walk about too much.

Changing her lifestyle

Speaking of the latter, this may be the reason the legendary actress has left her big house and moved to a care home. But Whitfield enjoys it because she is surrounded by friends and peers there! And she doesn’t need to worry about the plumbing, the roof, or any other responsibilities.

I lived on my own in a big house for ten years. Now I have friends where I live, and I like it. They’re fun.

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But it is also possible that the actress just doesn’t want to live alone anymore, as she lost her husband 16 years ago and had lived alone ever since. Unlike the majority of modern showbiz relationships, June’s marriage with Tim Aitchison lasted 45 years. That’s the milestone not everyone can boast of!

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On being made a dame

Prior to revealing the news of moving to a care home, Whitfield also opened up about the day she was made a dame. In 2017, the Duke of Cambridge gave her the honor for her achievements in entertainment and drama.

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And we hope this is not the last reward the actress gets!

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