Gordon Ramsay Opens Up About Feeling Insecure About His Weight And Things He Had To Do To Save His Marriage

Date February 6, 2018

He is a famous and successful British chef, an author of many culinary books, and a real cynical monster that turns a kitchen into a true hell for the show participants. He owns numerous restaurants, bars, and expensive houses, but Gordon Ramsay admits that the family is his most important achievement in life. And to save it, he can make concessions.

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Ramsay’s love story

Multi-Michelin starred chef met his wife-to-be, Cayetana Hutcheson, when she was 18 years old. It’s an interesting fact that, at that time, Tana was engaged to Gordon's friend, but meeting an ardent cook changed her life. In 1996, the young beauty became Mrs. Ramsey, and they have been together ever since.

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Tough years of marriage

Unfortunately, it has not been easy. As they tried to get pregnant, the pair quickly discovered they had problems that made it difficult to conceive, including Tana's polycystic ovary syndrome. After going through in vitro, the two finally welcomed a baby girl, Megan, in 1998 and then expanded their family with twins Holly and Jack in 1999 and Matilda in 2002.

Tragic news

In 2016, the Ramsays lost their fifth child by miscarriage. Being left grief-stricken, the pair leaned on family members and another famous British couple for support. In particular, they have been friends with David and Victoria Beckham for years, who were quick to show their compassion.

They came to see Tana and me immediately and showed their support, and that was mind-blowing.

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Making concessions

Although Gordon and Tana managed to make their relationship work after miscarriage, there’s one thing Ramsay’s wife could not tolerate: his weight. To save his marriage, the famous chef had to lose 50 pounds!

I was overweight… I look at the pictures and think, how did Tana stay around?

To lose weight, he hired a personal trainer and threw himself headfirst into intensive training. The Hell’s Kitchen host also changed his diet by avoiding milk and cheese. Since then, he has completed several races, including a London Triathlon, with his wife.

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Fitness fan

Needless to say, Tana is a great fitness fan. She doesn’t flinch at completing cycle rides, doing marathons, or throwing herself into a lake in winter for a mile-long swim. She has participated in Ironman races (which even the toughest athletes consider brutal) on several occasions.

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And now, her husband is ready to join.

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