Martine McCutcheon Shares A Vintage Throwback Featuring Robbie Williams Cuddling Up To The Singer And Her Screen Friend, Patsy Kensit

Date January 29, 2018 11:41

On January 25, the 22nd National Television Awards hit British screens, featuring some of the biggest names of television walking the red carpet and winning prestigious awards. To mark the occasion, singer Martine McCutcheon shared a throwback picture from the first official NTAs in the 90s.

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What is McCutcheon famous for?

Back then, Martine became famous after she got the role of Tiffany Mitchell in the BBC EastEnders series in 1995. She left the famous drama show at the end of 1998 and since then, McCutcheon has managed to build a successful pop career – this time, as a solo artist. She now is a wife to her husband and a mom to the two-year-old son, Rafferty.

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Big names looking fresh faced

But at the time the snap was taken, she was not as successful as she is now. In the photo, you can see a bunch of luminaries, including an iconic singer Robbie Williams (who had just left his band Take That) with his arms around Martine and her screen friend, Patsy Palmer. TV presenter Dani Behr is on the left, and actor Max Beesley is beaming with joy behind the trio. Martine captured it:

It was the 90’s and we were so young! I loved this night.

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The snap delighted her fans

The incredible pic caused nostalgia overload, prompting singer’s followers to take to the comments section. They showered the group with compliments (especially Martine, as she still looks beautiful!) and reminisced about the good old days.

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The show is still going strong

And even after all these years, with numerous changes in its line-up and more than 5,000 episodes, EastEnders series is still highly popular. In 2016, the show scooped the NTAs prize, beating off other three successful soaps.

And this is not the only award it has won throughout the years of its existence. In fact, it can boast of a total number of 366 awards and 1,149 nominations! Impressive, isn’t it?

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