Tori Spelling Says That Her Marriage With Dean McDermott Was Reborn After Baby No. 5

Date January 16, 2018

Tori Spelling has managed to make a successful acting career and build a strong family. In fact, the actress and her hubby, Dean McDermott, raise five children! And although now, according to Spelling, her family life is all about diapers, children's books, and toys, they have never before been so in love.

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From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!!! xoxo T Photo by @shanibarelphoto

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Marital problems

But it has not been perfect all the time. A couple of years ago, in 2013, the actress learned about the affair of her husband, after which their union almost collapsed. Her friends and acquaintances advised her to divorce McDermott, but the woman made a different decision.

Everyone was saying, ‘Divorce him! Why is she staying with him? That is weak.

It's a big day in the McDermott household! @imdeanmcdermott turns the big 5-0! To celebrate I'm sharing my fave pics of us throughout the years plus a ROAST for my culinary hubby! Take a look on and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!! xoxo T

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After such an adventuresome week in Iceland with my #nuskin family I decided to spend the last day breaking away from the group and have a little Tori& Dean: Do Downtown Date. We had a great day becoming Icelandic for the day! . We decided to walk around near the waterfront that serves the best lobster soup in the WORLD! And it was .Then we just walked around for hours seeing the amazing architecture. The people are so very nice and we love how much they embrace strangers ( like me!). We also found some great wool yarn for Stella to knit with and some adorable clothes for the other kids and baby. And, a trip to Iceland wouldn't be complete without buying kinder surprise eggs for the kids (just for the older 4). . The people and culture in Iceland ???????? are special. I can't wait to come back and share all the glory #Iceland has to offer with our children. Wondering If I look into a cruise that comes to Iceland. That would be one awesome family vacation! . Thanks to everyone at #Nuskin who made this dream a reality! I'm coming home with gold embossed fish skin, gorgeous vintage pieces, the 13 Christmas Yule Lads (trolls) ( apparently you have to be very good at Christmas or they appear), and lots of beautiful and confident pics from a trip well deserved! #besttripwithhubby

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Besides, she has always been vocal about her partner, and Tori’s fans had a chance to see marriage struggles in her reality show, True Tori.

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The rebirth of the relationship.

In fact, the birth of their fifth child became the symbol of a fresh start. The couple welcomed their son Beau on March 2, 2017.

It’s like a new baby in a new relationship.

What a special time for our family! Dean, the kids and I are over the moon about our newest McDermott bundle of joy, Beau Dean! He is the absolute perfect addition to our family. I was excited to make a custom birth announcement for him and used Simply to Impress to share the news. Take a look at our handsome little man at!! Link is also in my profile! #BirthAnnouncement #BabyBeau

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Now the two know that marriage is a lot of hard work and strive to maintain a good relationship, bringing their kids up in a communicative way and finding time for themselves. Tori believes that spending time together with her husband without the children is the key to success. Even before giving birth to Beau, she tried to carve out regular date nights.

Sharing this anniversary moment while watching our kiddos play soccer. Happy 11th anniversary @imdeanmcdermott You are the hottest soccer ⚽️ Dad I know. #loveconquersall #mytruelove❤️

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The perfect gift ???? for @imdeanmcdermott for our 11th Anniversary ???? 11= steel. These #metallic (in yellow gold, rose gold, and stainless steel) donuts ????from @spudnutsdonuts are GF( made from potato flour) & delish! With babe in hand we are celebrating our anniversary cuddling in bed w/the 4 other little monkeys gathered around. #Donuts4Dinner #SpecialOccasion #FoodArt

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Struggling in another relationship.

Yet, marriage is not the only thing Tori had to work out. Earlier, the actress had a strained relationship with her mother, Candy Spelling. But now, the two seem to find a common language, and their bond is stronger than ever. The only thing is that Candy doesn’t want any more grand-kids.

I hope she's finished having kids! But you never know. She just loves her kids.

We hope they will not fail their relationships once again.

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