Tony Christie Shares On 5 Things He Can’t Live Without, And They Are Absolutely Charming


February 2, 2018 17:42 By Fabiosa

During his long-lasting career in showbiz, Tony Christie has recorded over 40 albums, has sung thousands of songs, and has made countless live performances. To know Christie a bit better and find out what kind of person he is in real life, we want to reveal 5 things the singer can’t live without, following his own words.

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1. Indian food

Christie is a big fan of spices and Indian food. The star said he had his first curry when he was 16, and since that time he literally can’t live without it.


The singer and his wife Susan like to arrange Friday nights with takeaways from their favorite Indian restaurant.

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2. Music

Christie began his career as a cabaret singer. Today, his songs are on the top of the most popular charts. In one of his interviews, Tony said he really enjoys communicating with his fans in real life.

I am happy to be afforded the chance to explain a bit about each song I play in order to help the audience understand and appreciate it better.

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3. His lovely wife

Christie lives in a happy marriage for almost five decades. The singer calls his beautiful wife Susan to be his biggest supporter in joy and fails. This year, the couple will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Tony and Susan plan to celebrate this tremendous event with their three children and grandkids. After that, the lovebirds will spend a romantic vacation in Rome.

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The singer opens up on his family life with Susan:

We’re both quiet, uncomplicated people, and we just click.

4. Work

Once, Christie confessed he can’t imagine his life without moving forward and constant work.

If you retire, you die.

He plans to keep performing because his passion for his work is something which keeps him going.

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5. Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald

Christie’s musical heroes were not Faith and other rock bands, but Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. His father’s collection consisted of 78 records, and Tony spent all his free time listening to the eternal hits oh his music icons.

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Tony Christie’s great song “Is This The Way To Amarillo” won people’s hearts all over the world. Let’s listen to this eternal hit one more time. It’s really mesmerizing.

Tony Christie’s singles are timeless, which is why they are still famous today - more than four decades after they were released. What a great and talented person!

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