David Harbour Agrees To Officiate A Fan's Wedding. However, There Are Some Conditions


January 23, 2018 14:53 By Fabiosa

Harbour is well known for playing Chief Jim Hopper in the Netflix series, Stranger Things. His first appearance on television was in the crime drama, Law & Order, where he played a waiter. Moving on, he bagged a recurring role as MI6 Agent Roger Anderson in Pan Am, a series on ABC.

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He is a pretty cool guy

About a week ago, a fan of the Stranger Things made a request on Twitter. @ErickaElizabth asked what it would take to have Harbour officiate her wedding.

It may have looked like a pretty simple question to ask. And Harbour being the nice guy that he is replied just a day later. Yes, he could officiate the wedding, but he had his own requirements.

First, the request had to get 125k retweets. Second, the wedding date couldn’t clash with the shooting schedule for Season 3 of Stranger Things.

Third, he gets to read a love letter he would pick (wait for the surprise there). And finally, he gets the first piece after the cake is cut.

Pretty simple, right? Well, in less than 24hrs, @ErickaElizabth hit 125k retweets. And Harbour is going to officiate a wedding.

It is not the first time Harbour is getting to fulfill a fan's wish. A high school student challenged Harbour with her wish. She wanted him to appear in her high school photo shoot. And she got it.

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David Harbour dating Alison Sudol

Harbour and Sudol have been spotted together, and speculation is that the duo is dating. They were seen on January 6 attending the BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles. And only a day after, the couple were again together at the Golden Globes. And they even came in the same car.

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They did, however, make separate entrances into the hall but soon after were seen sitting together.

Harbour seems to have a thing for actors as this is not the first time he has dated one. Once, he was even engaged to actress Maria Thayer, who starred in Those Who Can’t.

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Sudol played a lead role in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The couple is yet to go public about their status; however, they do look good together.

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