Royal Insider: Prince Harry Will Get A Hair Transplant Before His Wedding

Date February 1, 2018 11:48

It is common knowledge that Prince Harry constantly pokes fun at his elder brother over his bald spot. But recent photos have shown that Prince Harry is also going bald. What seems to be the reason for this?

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Hair loss is a common condition that affects men in general. In Britain, baldness is very common.

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Hair loss runs in the royal family, so it is hardly surprising that Prince William and Prince Harry are going bald.

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Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh and grandfather to Harry and William, has lost most of his top hair. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and father to both princes, is also balding considerably.

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Both princes are in their mid-thirties but have lost a considerable amount of their hair. Dr. Shahmalak notes that Prince Harry is likely to lose most of his hair in the next 10 years. However, he also mentions that the situation can be remedied.

Harry knows everyone will make a massive deal out of it, but he feels he's young enough at 33 that he shouldn't feel bad about wanting to reverse his hair loss.

How the procedure works

The hair transplant requires several sessions as it is a delicate process. For starters, grafts are taken from other parts of the scalp that have hair. These first grafts are usually large patches.

Then the grafts are cut into smaller pieces. The smaller grafts are then placed in areas of the scalp that are thinning. The same process is done several times, with the grafts gradually becoming smaller until the entire scalp is covered.


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For most people, the large grafts usually number about 50. But the mini and micrografts may be as many as 700 per session.

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Also, the number of hairs per graft depends on the size. So, larger grafts have more hairs on them.

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Several sessions are required to complete the process, and healing takes a couple of months. All ears are still on the ground to see if the information in circulation is true.

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