Actor Gerard Butler Says Who Is The Better Kisser, Angelina Jolie Or Jennifer Aniston

Date January 15, 2019

Ever since Brad Pitt left his wife, Jennifer Aniston, for Angelina Jolie, there was some kind of rivalry between the fans of these two amazing actresses.


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And thanks to Gerard Butler, this unofficial battle recently took an unexpected turn.

The Irish actor played dozens of heartthrob roles on the big screen. And it just happened so that he starred opposite both Aniston and Jolie. In 2003, Butler and Jolie appeared together in Jan de Bont's film Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.


And seven years later, Gerard has got a chance to work with Jennifer Aniston. The two actors played the main roles in Andy Tennant's comedy The Bounty Hunter.

Furthermore, since there were some intimate scenes in both movies, Gerard Butler knows first hand what it is like to kiss each of these gorgeous women. And it was only a matter of time before somebody would hit him with the big question: Who is the better kisser?

Plead the fifth

Recently, Gerard Butler appeared on Andy Cohen's popular Watch What Happens Live show. When they got to the so-called “Plead the fifth” part of the show, the host started asking the 300 star some really uncomfortable questions.

And yes, he asked Butler which one of the two actresses kisses better.

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While it was obvious that Gerard did not expect to hear this question (and did not really want to answer it), he caved in and named the winner. Can you guess?

Quite unexpectedly for many people, he actually chose Jennifer Aniston over Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer Aniston. I’m just taking you by surprise.

You can watch the video below to recall that sweet kiss scene from The Bounty Hunter.

Also, you can watch Gerard answering this tricky question and see his reaction with your own eyes.

People often make comparisons between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. The Friends star was married to Brad Pitt for five years. At the time, people considered them to be the perfect match.

However, the couple split in 2005 and just a year later, Jolie and Pitt welcomed their first common child, Shiloh Nouvel.

After being together for seven years, Brad and Angelina finally tied the knot in 2014. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only two years and in late 2016, Jolie filed for divorce.

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