Hilarious Moments Between Singer-Songwriter Camila Cabello And Her Dog Leo

Date January 1, 2018

Most celebrities have a very fun and interesting part of their lives they often show to the world. For Camila Cabello, it's pets.

i miss this lil guy (his name's Leo) #CamilaXSkechers

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About Camila

Camila Cabello shares origins from America and Cuba. So she can best be described as Cuban-American. She is a singer, songwriter and was part of the famous group called Fifth Harmony.

ill remember when i was young and i touched the sun

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They recorded songs together as a band. But she exited the group towards the end of 2016 and has since gone solo. Perhaps she had the inkling that she could succeed well on her own.

Her single debut album topped the charts in the Top 5 category in many countries including the US. That’s a record success.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA @jimmyfallon @fallontonight

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Camila And Her Pets

She loves dogs and loves to flaunt it for others to see. She isn’t afraid or bothered with sharing the spotlight with her dog. Her fans now know that this young vibrant singer loves dogs too.

During the Christmas season, she stood by a Christmas tree with the dog to take a picture. The dog was obviously distracted and uninterested in all the picture taking. She wrote,

“When ur mom is hugging u cuz she needs love and affection but urlookin at the squirrel across the street.”

More About Her Dogs

She named both her dogs, Ringo and Leo. The death of her pet dog seems to have the same effect as it would have had if it were a human. She shared much later about the loss of one of her dogs. She even wrote a tribute to the dog on her Instagram page, she wrote,

“I'm going to miss u so much Ringo, thank u for letting me be a part of your life... rest in peace angel.”

That’s a touching tribute to a dog, right? They must have shared fond memories together.

Having pets can be a lovely experience, in this case, Camila can’t do without them.

She surely will be sharing even more fond memories with her dogs as time goes on. Who knows, maybe they also inspire her to write great songs too!

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