Kelly Clarkson And Other Celebrities Speak About Why They Supported The 'Time's Up' Movement

Date February 2, 2018

The Grammy Awards that held on January 28 was hosted by James Corden. The ceremony had in attendance some of the biggest names in the music industry.

This year, celebrities chose to show their support for the 'Time's Up' movement by wearing white roses to the ceremony.

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2018 Grammy Awards

It was a night of glitz and glamour with powerful performances. And of course, the stars graced the red carpet in different fashion ensembles.

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Some of the highlights of the night included performances from SZA, Kesha, Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Elton John, and others. The biggest winner of the night was Bruno Mars as he won awards in all the six categories he was nominated for, including Album of the Year award.

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The night wasn't just about the performances and awards as some of the stars came together to show their support for the 'Time's Up' movement.

Why celebrities chose to wear white roses?

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A number of celebrities wore white roses as part of the 'Time's Up' movement. The initiative aims at fighting gender inequality and showing support for victims of sexual harassment.

Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and a few others wore white roses, and here are some of their reasons:

1. Kelly Clarkson

The singer says she wore the rose not only to support the initiative but due to the fact that it symbolizes peace and hope. Thus, she wants to share that same spirit with others.

2. Cyndi Lauper

The artist is all about gender equality as she says the women should be empowered too because this will, in turn, help the men.

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3. Nick Jonas

He says he's just doing his part to raise awareness and show solidarity for the 'Time's Up' movement because it affects so many lives.

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4. Bebe Rexha

For Bebe, she just wants to help and support the women who are coming up in the music industry since the percentage of women there is low.

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It's so great to see these celebrities coming together for a common cause. They are determined to make their voices heard.

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We congratulate all the awardees of the event on their achievement.

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