Justin Timberlake's Halftime Performance At The Super Bowl Is Making Waves Because Of 13-Year-Old Ryan McKenna

Date February 9, 2018

The “Big Game” halftime show on Sunday night was the rave of the moment.

And no, this isn’t just due to Justin's performance or the fact that Philadelphia Eagles won the game for the first time. Rather, 13-year-old Ryan McKenna is fueling the fire as he's suddenly a star after being photographed with Justin Timberlake.

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How Justin Timberlake gave this teenager his big moment at the Super Bowl

The 'SexyBack' singer took to the stage on Sunday to thrill fans during the halftime performance. Though many loved his performance as usual, what's really garnering attention is a teenager who has suddenly turned a celeb.

13-year-old Ryan McKenna was just a regular teen watching the game from the stands until Timberlake made his way to him. This is not unusual considering that musicians love to mingle with their fans during their performances. Long story short, numerous photos of the teenager and the American singer started trending on Twitter.

Over the moon with excitement, McKenna has avowed that it was a huge moment for him as his friends have been calling him non-stop since the pictures popped up online.

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Justin Timberlake pays tribute to Prince during his Super Bowl performance

It was no doubt a memorable halftime for fans as Justin thrilled fans to some of his hit songs. The 37-year-old singer didn't just perform his own songs but also paid tribute to Prince by performing a cover of his song 'I Would Die 4 U'.

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While performing the song, a video of Prince singing the same song was being projected. It was Justin's way of paying tribute to the singer who died in 2016.

Fans slam Justin Timberlake

Following Timberlake's performance at the Super Bowl event, the fans of Prince have slammed him for using a projection of the late singer. This is because the deceased singer has stated his dislike of holograms in an interview years back.

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The loyal fans are of the opinion that it is a dishonor to their hero’s memory. There are divided thought on the issue though because some other people maintain that Justin did an honorable thing paying tribute to the late singer.

But say what? Congratulations to McKenna who has become something of a social media frenzy overnight. Who says there is no overnight success story? Huh...

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