Instead Of Going To Davos, Melania Trump Spent Around $70K On Spa Procedures

Date February 6, 2018 13:51

President Trump arrived at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He was escorted by security aides, secretaries, and his entire administration.

There was someone very important missing - FLOTUS was nowhere in sight.

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Melania Trump had not made the flight to Davos with the president as earlier planned. Rather, she was spotted later that day at the President's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where she reportedly visited the spa spending around $70,000!

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With recent news of a scandal involving the president, this raises some questions about the state of the First Family.

Why did FLOTUS cancel her trip?

The spokeswoman for the First Lady, Stephanie Grisham, indicated that her trip was canceled for practical reasons. In her words:

It was determined there were too many scheduling and logistical issues, so Mrs. Trump will not travel to Davos.

However, she did not reply to emails about why Melania Trump headed out to Florida later that day.

While being alone

FLOTUS made a visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Washington, DC for a tour. Then, she went on to visit the Hall of Remembrance where she participated in a moment of silence at the Eternal Flame Memorial.

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Melania Trump subsequently flew to West Palm Beach, Florida, where she visited the spa at her husband's resort.

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While it is not unusual for FLOTUS to take unscheduled trips, in light of the recent scandal, it makes one wonder about the current state of the First Family’s union.

The scandal

On Jan. 12, The Wall Street Journal reported that one of Trump's lawyers, Michael Cohen, had paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 before the election to cover up an affair she had with Donald Trump a year after he married to Melania, his third wife.

It is unclear if there is any truth to this allegation as all three parties, namely President Trump, his attorney, and Stormy Daniels, have since denied the affair. It is interesting, however, that Stormy Daniels was saying something entirely different in an interview with In Touch magazine back in 2011.

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FLOTUS has barely been seen in public since the news broke. She is, however, yet to comment on the issue.

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Whatever the case, we just hope everything is well with the First Family, and they are able to resolve whatever difference they might have.

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