"The Good Place" Season 2: The Finale Was Not Expected, But Fans Absolutely Loved It

Date February 6, 2018

As long as I'm a good person and I do things from the heart, that's all that matters. - Gisele Bundchen

The Good Place season 2 finale takes fans by surprise!

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The Good Place season 2

The Good Place season 2 is an American comedy series that focused on a deceased young woman named Eleanor. She died and woke up in the afterlife and was sent to a place called the "good place" as a reward for the good life she led on earth.

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Mistaken for a human right lawyer that goes by the same name, Eleanor realizes she was wrongly sent there, and as such, she did all she could to hide her morally imperfect behavior.

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The unexpected

The season's finale titled "Somewhere Else" was unexpected for most people as Michael somehow manages to send everyone back to earth. He aimed at saving them all at the moment of their death to let these individuals become better people.

Eleanor took steps to become better but soon returns to her old life. Michael came up with yet another idea as he magically appeared as a bartender and plants suggestions to help Eleanor discover the existence of Chidi.

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Fans' reactions

After they were returned to their former lives, Jason and Tahani were the only ones who didn't appear. Unsure of where they are, if they're still stuck in the afterlife, there has been a mixed reaction from fans concerning the season finale.

Have you had some time to see the season 2 finale? Please share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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