Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Laura Wasser Shares Tidbits On Nasty Divorces And How To Avoid Them

Date February 5, 2018

Hotshot divorce lawyer Laura Wasser has been in the divorce business for over twenty years. Her client list includes some A-list stars like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp, and a host of others.

For high profile divorces, Laura is always in the middle of it all, and she shares some reasons why some divorces are messy especially for celebrities.

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Laura Wasser aka the Disso Queen

The 49-year-old divorce attorney was born in Los Angeles, and she graduated from Loyola Law School in 1994. She also became a member of the California Bar in the same year.

She specializes in divorce and family law and is also the author of the book "It Doesn't Have To Be That Way: How To Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself." The book was published in 2013.

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Laura Wasser speaks about Hollywood's nastiest divorces

In a recent interview, Laura dishes on the nastiest divorces in Hollywood. After handling divorces for A-list stars like Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Duff, and others, Laura has been in the middle and has seen it all!

According to the lawyer, the lack of a prenup and the issue of child custody are the reasons why some divorces end up messy. According to her, marriage is a contract, and therefore the terms should be defined in a prenup before entering into it.

She says most celebrity divorces end up messy due to the fight over child custody since that's not something that can be specified in a prenup. In Wasser's opinion, one way to avoid a messy split is to put your kids first and consider what's best for them.

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Her do-it-yourself website

With the high rate of divorce, the fees of lawyers are totally on the high side. Not everyone can afford a hotshot lawyer like Laura Wasser and for this reason, she launched her website in 2017.

Her website 'It's over easy' is aimed at helping couples going through a divorce who want to keep things quiet and, most importantly, those who can't afford a high paid lawyer.

Her website offers services ranging from family consultation to advice on child custody among others.

We appreciate the work Laura is doing but will like to have your opinion on this. What is your take on her deductions about why divorce procedures get messy among celebrities?

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